Dream: Fathers and Daughters

She is beautiful, fair skinned, golden haired, freckled and innocent. Her appearance entrances me yet her behavior seems to come out of fear and anxiety. I follow her around her house as if I am under a spell, and then meet her father. He stands well over six feet, looks like a linebacker, and talks fast. I try to listen to his ramblings and clearly hear him tell me “If you want to get physical with my daughter, you must first get physical with me.”

I wander away, find my friend MC and explore this amazing estate. We climb an odd metal conduit structure and wander through sunlit rooms. MC wanders off and I find the woman glowing in the sunlight.

I want to kiss her, but she recoils. Her father appears, lunges at me and pulls my arms behind my back. He leans in behind me and whispers that he gets the first kiss. He then begins to nibble my neck and lets me go. I flee.

I sit on a deck with AK, who is smoking a piece of palo santo. We discuss whether or not we want to go to a protest/concert. I drift off and begin to think about the beautiful woman. I wonder if I can steal her away from her father. Or perhaps I can kill her father and take her away from him.