dreams7/14 AM Dream: Part of the Prophecy

A person has proclaimed that he/she is the messiah, so thousands flock to the building where he/she stays. Something tells me that I am part of the prophecy while I watch the scene on TV, and my unidentified wife/girlfriend agrees. We ask a roommate to leave and discuss my gut feeling regarding what I should do. After the talk, I stand by a mini-fridge and spend a long time setting up a light fixture. I put part of the light in the fridge after changing the original bulb with a different style of bulb.

I know people who have gone to camp near the messiah – even Deborah has gone. I have gone to the messiah’s dwelling place in an earlier dream, because Dave Cutler introduced me to two close, Jewish relations to the messiah – Seth and Avi. I go back to the building, and amongst the crowds of people, I find Seth and Avi sitting at a picnic table with Avi’s father.

Avi creates a mandala on the table using a hard, fabric tool to push the wax around. He plans on photographing the pattern. His father helps as Seth encourages him, telling Avi that his talents will go far in serving the messiah. Avi abandons the mandala because mashed chick peas have messed his tool up.

I approach them and they remember me, so I cut to the chase.

“I’m not supposed to be here,” I tell them, “but I got the call to be part of the prophecy.”

“We all did,” Seth replies.

“I’m supposed to be somewhere else. I’m supposed to where the light is.”

As I tell them this, a tingling sensation flows through my body like a wave.

“I don’t know where the light is.”

Seth becomes serious and makes an Asian woman leave the table.

“You will find the light near a building that has John Lennon on it,” he replies.

“I have to find an actual building that has John Lennon on it?” I ask.

“Yes. The gaudiest, tackiest building near it carries the light.”

Again, aware that this is prophecy, a larger tingling vibration courses through my body.

I thank them and go to a crowded cyber cafe to try to search for the building with John Lennon. All stations are full of mostly Asian people surfing, repairing computers, and talking. They have no clue that I am part of the messiah’s prophecy. I feel overwhelmed and go to the bathroom to get away from the crowded cafe. There I realize that I can wake up and use my own computer.

Awake now at 5:30 AM in Concord, I google and yahoo “John Lennon on a building.” No photos or links come up. Other phrasing doesn’t brink up any links either, so I go back to bed with the assumption that I will eventually come across this place. And I will then have to go there to find the light.