TH 12/13/12 at Spacecraft: The Outsiders

Spacecraft presents “The Outsiders,” a mixed media group-show of artists working with propelled pigment and scavenged objects as alternative materials. This exhibition looks into the artistic symbols of opposition and speaks from the language of accessibility. During this new century, Aerosol media’s techniques and methods are increasingly being incorporated in a wide range of contemporary work. Spacecraft welcomes you to examine these select works by Bay Area artists. We hope to explore this dialogue further. Until then, please join us on Thursday, December 13th at 7 p.m. for Spacecraft’s “The Outsiders” at Inner Mission [formally CELLspace].

Artwork by
– Erick Andino – Michelle Guintu – Cory, aka, C SkwaReD
– Corey Best – Russell Howze – Cy Wagoner
– Roland Blandy – Sam Lewin – Todd Hanson
– Spencer Cunningham – Rye Purvis – And more