St. Stupids Day 2009: Meta Pics

Every April 1, the freaks show up to downtown San Francsico and have a mad parade for St. Stupid’s Day. This year was the same as ever, but after 31 years, Bishop Joey and the First Church of the Last Laugh’s message is now a majority across the USA: banks are stupid. The “Stations of Stupid” criss cross banking institutions. It all begins at the Federal Reserve where revelers throw lottery tickets to the winds of chance… just like banks do with our money. The procession ends at the Banker’s Heart sculpture at the Bank America building, barricaded off since 9-11, but still reachable from pennies. The St. Stupid message rang true last year when Bish Joey got us all to “foreclose” the Fed. This year, we “forgot” the parade route and ended up at a few extra banks before heading to the Pacific Jock Exchange. We lost the cops then. I know that all the fun costumes and signs are worth taking photos of. But I got meta, taking photos of other things that seemed interesting as well. Check them out:


A large SFPD contingent snaked along with the parade this year. They kept the scene well surrounded. The cloth pile in the foreground is a homeless person’s full cart.


The big local TV media was on hand to film the fun. This NBC cameraman was enjoying the sexy dance here.


Wavy Gravy reclines on the van pulling the Doggie Diner Heads. I overheard Wavy telling the Bish that the SFPD gave them a hard time at one point. Wavy chilled things out with his clown magic.


Invest in the Hedge Hog Fun and get in on the top of the pyramid ponzi scheme of the year.


The parade wandered in the courtyard of the Citigroup building. Good to bring some absurdity to an absurd bank.


A security worker at the Bank America building photographs the freaks. Wonder if it was for pleasure or work? Always ironic seeing Big Brother (Sister) soaked in the specatcle.