Phone Photos 1.0

Got a new fangled smart phone last month, mostly because of the 2.0 megapixel camera that is part of the package. You can also add MicroSD memory up to 4gb and capture video as well. I know why they call them CrackBerrys now because I jump every time the Pearl downloads email (it “yells” at me with two vibrations, which I think is an incoming call most of the time). Trying to use the phone to take interesting photos. Hope you like this batch.

KUK crosses Heart

Saw this inside ATA on Valencia St. and couldn’t resist taking a photo. Bet Heart doesn’t mind being crossed by KUK!

Jaut Bike Graffiti

Jaut has been spraying bikes around SF for a while now. I plan on showing a bike graff slide show at an upcoming event I’m producing, so have started capturing Jaut’s bike art.

SF graff mummy

Saw this nice piece near Scott Williams’ house on 20th Street in the Mission Dist. Made me laugh.

tree shadow in central park

Caught this great shadow pic in NYC’s Central Park. Good time of year to look for the long shadows in our lives.

Bklyn Jota

OG painter REVS started welding his tag up in NYC a year or so back, so here’s another example of that graff style. Found this in Brooklyn while walking around Logan Hicks’ hood.

SoHo facade

While wandering around the Lower East Side of Manhattan today, I wandered by this crazy-looking building with this stringy motif for a facade (with shiny, deco-themed metal behind it). The doorman came out as I was staring at the building and asked me if I was here for a meeting. I almost said yes, but told him no and took this photo.