createHappy Feet Masthead Pics

Now that I have a nice amount archived, I thought I’d post some of the pics that I featured on this blog’s header. I’ll start from the oldest to the newest so you all can relive the moment when you saw that specific photo. Sadly, I didn’t keep the catchy sayings I quoted or made up for each one. Click thumbnails for the bigger picture.
Vermont Header 01

The White Mountains of VT, shot from Bread & Puppet’s meadow

New Hampshire 01

An old cemetery in Concord, NH, shot during my first bike ride on this trip

Maine Header 01

One of Maine’s lighthouses, shot in Portland while walking with my friend Patricia

New Hampshire header 02

A flooded parking lot near my apartment in Concord, NH

New Hampshire header 03

Memorial Day parade on Main Street in Concord, half a block from my apartment

New Hampshire header 04

A hot rod at a Memorial Day car show near Laconia, NH

Mass Header 01

A cool tombstone in the Boston cemetery where Paul Revere is buried.

NYC Header 01

Manhattan from the Brooklyn shore. NYC of course.

New Hampshire header 05

Last shot of New Hampshire on July 3 near Keene (SW part of the state)

New York header 01

The toy totems’re ready to roll out of NH. Shot in my apartment driveway.

Iowa header 01

Corn! Jess took this shot of the edge of the “Field of Dreams” on the way to a Madison, WI Ween concert.