puppetsSF Puppet Guild and Homeland Security

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
I feel safer: Homeland Security vs. San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild
Brian Stokes says: “I kid you not. My beloved San Francisco Bay Area Puppeteers Guild is under investigation by Homeland Security. According to their latest newsletter, its assets have been frozen ever since my friend and Treasurer Pam Brown resigned after 20 years and passed the miniscule nestegg to a new bank account a few months ago. The bank apologizes but legally can’t do anything until Homeland Security determines this group of puppet fans and professionals is not planning to attack our country.

“This is the Guild where Jim Henson met a young Frank Oz and Jerry Juhl back in the 1960s. Not long ago, I was President, and before that, Secretary.

“But now our government thinks it’s harboring terrorists.” Link

puppetsIan Greeb Art Show

Hello my fine friends,

I am having my very first art show coming up on this Friday. It will be at the Mama Buzz Gallery/Café in Oakland. I know that that will be hard for the SF crowd to cart themselves all the way over to O town, but if you do I will give you a map of the moon or a car or some lint.

There will be new Sculpture from me on the walls. Oh yes, there will.

2318 Telegraph Ave @ 23rd
Oakland, CA 94612

I assume that the opening will officially start at 6 or something. How about them apples? I’m sure I forgot to invite many important peeplz, but my brain is a slow creature. If you can think of anyone to invite, please do!


puppetsBarbara Bovine on StreetLevel TV

Episode 15 of StreetLevel TV
Sunday, July 3rd at 8pm
992 Valencia St at 21st Street
5 bucks

Your favorite locally produced television show is back with a ton of great coverage you won’t find anywhere else.

This month of SLTV:
*Barbara Bovine catches up with Ward Churchill at the annual Anarchist Bookfair in San Francisco. (Camera Ops by RussellH)

with other segments by the non-foam, non-hand operated, human activist reporters

For more information on StreetLevel TV (including air times), check out:
or email: mail@streetleveltv.org

puppetsBalinese Shadow Theatre Performance and Workshop

With I Nyoman Sumandhi
This Saturday, June 18th, 6-10pm

At SOMARTS in San Francisco (934 Brannan Street: www.somarts.org)

This is a very unique opportunity to work with dalang I Nyoman Sumandhi who is a master of traditional Balinese music, dance, and choreography, as well as the repertoire and theatrical techniques associated with the wayang kulit or shadow puppet theater, which is regarded as the pinnacle of the arts in Bali.

Sumandhi will perform the shadow play “Arjuna Wiwaha”. He will also break down the story scene-by-scene to reveal how the characters, music and the themes of the story are interwoven. Sumandhi will also be giving an overview of wayang kulit.

Anyone who is interested is invited to participate in this workshop. The workshop is FREE, but DONATIONS are appreciated! To learn more about Sumandhi’s extensive teaching and performance experience please visit:


For any questions please contact us ShadowLight

ShadowLight Productions
22 Chattanooga Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

office: (415) 648-4461
fax: (415) 641-9734

See our new website at www.shadowlight.org

puppetsLovesick Sea Play Shadow Theater

Hereby announcing the imminent public display of “Lovesick Sea Play,” a little theater piece by yer dear Janaki Ranpura. Further spit and shine shall be duly applied to the shows at The Dark Room.


Highly Original Shadow Theater

June 23, 24 at 8PM

June 26 at 3PM (bring yer kiddies and other small friends)


The Dark Room, 2263 Mission between 18th& 19th

It’s fit you should know how Bill the Pyrate was chas’d crost the High seas by the crafty spinster Sue, how She gaoled him in the narrow bedchamber of her Heart & loosed on him the mad Aloneness of her Sex.

Performed as part of J-JTrinket’s Double-Jointed Festival Series.

puppetsUN Puppet Build Continues

I will also be building morning and night at the Mission Market Space over the next month. Give me a call if you want to stop by 415 279 3933 (I can use help anytime).

puppetsUN Puppet Build and Mad Puppetz Pupparazi

Lot’s of puppet things going on this past weekend. Anon Salon had a pupet-themed event called Mad Puppets featuring puppets from all over along with paying customers dressed up like puppets.

The Council of Species puppet build happened at the CELLspace Mission Village Market earlier that same Saturday, and volunteers and passersby got to jump in on the fun assembly line. More puppet builds coming every weekend for the UN council.

UN Puppet Build Fish
The first finished puppet! There will be a large school of fish representing, along with monkies and frogs.

Ian Greeb Smil
At Mad Puppetz, Ian Greeb displays how his puppet skills got bumped up another notch-thanks to a foam sander.

Ians Babies
Ah, ain’t they cutie wootie Ian thingies?

Big Tadoo Crow
Emily Butterfly presents the Big Tadoo’s crow mask backstage before working the Mad Puppetz crowd.

puppets Council of Species Puppet Build

This Weekend Come To The Mission Village Market

Saturday April 16th 11-3pm & Sunday April 17th 11-2pm

Meet the artists, visionaries and youth leaders who are co- creating the Opening Ceremony for the UN World Environment Day on June 2nd. We will create giant endangered species puppets, including chimpanzees, butterflies, salmon and frogs by cutting, mache-ing, painting and playing.

The Mission Village Market is located behind CellSpace on 18th St (between Florida & Alabama St. one block from Bryant).

Brought to you by the Planet Art Program. A collaboration between Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, The Natural World Museum, Mathew Hoffman, Christine Marie and Jay Golden.

Call 415.279.3933 or 415.350.3257 for more information.

Save The Date May 21st for another Giant Puppet Extravaganza!