Chicago Pics, Brief Update

Just a quick note from Chicago: SLR happened to be in Chicago during a record-break day of rain. 6.8 inches fell on Saturday, the most ever recorded in the city. So we kept the dome up and took down the games in ankle-deep mud. Had one workshop in the deluge and a nice amount of people attended. Friday had rain as well so attendance was low. Workshops were the highlight for Friday too.

We’ve managed to keep our spirits up and will head to Knoxville, TN. One bus will head to Georgia and then Mississippi and Louisiana. After an event for the Tupac Shakur Foundation in Atlanta, SLR will back up Jennifer Johns, and the Green for All organization, at LSU’s homecoming and at the presidential debates in Oxford, MS. The other bus will stay in Knoxville for pre-event production while the truck heads to western Virginia for the Appalachian Community Economics (ACE) Conference. Then the truck will head back to Knoxville for more pre-production and set up. All roads lead to Knoxville, my last stop on the bus!

Meanwhile, here are a few photos of a recent promo romp through Chicago’s Loop, along with one shot of the dome going up at UIC. Our set up day was beautiful, with the shiny Sears Tower in the background of our festival space. Puppets are from the Backbone Campaign.