Notes on Gentrification 2005

A local playwright, and coworker at Teatro Zinzanni, just found out that his landlord is offering his roommate, the lease holder, $10,000 to vacate their rent-controlled Noe Valley apartment (rent at 1992 level).

Recent graffiti on a live/work loft going up on Harrison St.: “This is what corporate gentrification looks like.”

Save the Last SF Quonset Hut

For those of you who don’t already know, the owners of my space have filed an application for demolition & building of condos. This is the quonset hut at 20th & Shotwell in the Mission. It’s the building that looks like an airplane hanger with a red symbol on the front (representing longevity), formerly a yoga studio, affectionately known as The Tin Can and The Silver Twinkie. In brief, the building was constructed in 1946 for military family housing after the war. Over the years it’s been artist live/work, and is now one of few true artist live/work spaces in the city. It is also the last functional quonset hut in the city.

Here’s a pic to check (almost all the way on the bottom, 3350-3352 20th street). Here is another one (towards the bottom Best Relic of Prefabricated Housing Gone By).

MEDA, Mission Economic Development Association has filed a Discretionary Review to the demolition application. I met with MEDA this morning and it seems we have a good case to save the building and maintain it as artist live/work. In my few short months here, many people have told me stories of their experiences in this space, whether it be a yoga class or a party 20 years ago.

THIS is what I’m asking for right now:

MEDA needs your stories, your experiences, your feelings about the space. Time is important in this endeavor. Meetings will be occurring within the next month, with the review hearing tentatively scheduled for the first week of July. Please send this email to as many people & organizations as you can as soon as possible. And please try to send in the stories as soon as possible. They can be sent as in line text or word attachment to Nick Pagoulatos (MEDA) at


next step: if you have any assistance to give in fundraising, donations, outreach, subletting with good credit (so I can afford to stay in the space to fight this), or even interest in establishing a community land trust in order to secure the use of the space for the future… please feel free to contact me at

thank you so much for your time and energy!

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