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I have pencil-sized cactus needles stuck in my upper legs. I start pulling them out and then wake up.

I’m going to a show that Deborah has created and I’m sad from the divorce. I run into people I know (friends of hers) and start crying while talking to one of them.

The show starts with a film, followed by natives that sit down and talk with the audience. One of them asks to use my camera, and I say no.

I keep moving around and eventually spot Deborah kissing a man. I run to her ready to fight the man, but it is only a puppet. I walk away and tell a random woman that I was going to punch him.

Deborah performs with the puppet and the show ends. The woman I spoke to starts asking me for something, and I get angry and walk away. At some point, I put my laptop down to use my free hand to ward her off. A man intervenes to tell the woman to back off.

I’ve moved through the seats and lose track of where I was sitting. The woman leaves, and I realize that I can’t find my laptop. I see other laptops and accidentally knock one off a chair. Running now to scan the lobby, I realize that the man and woman took my anger and sadness, and scammed me to steal the laptop. While she harassed me, he backed off and snatched the computer. 10/21/05

Recent dream of Greenville,
a flooded New England village,
where marching bands file down the lane
and shop owners greet you with a smile.

A crocodile attacks from flooded depths,
chasing four zebras
who exit the water in panic.

Fear of crocodiles race through the village
and I make new friends
with some woman working behind a counter.

We’ll meet up later tonight
once the tourist traffic exits-
in the green and quaint Greenville-
living through high water.


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