Two Calaverita Poems

There is a Day of the Dead tradition in Mexico where souls who live through the day can write poems killing whomever they wish. A calaverita is limerick-styled writing that usually makes fun of the subject by using their quirks to do them in. I wrote a long poem that I didn’t read at a Day of the Dead Gathering in the Mission District, so am posting it here to share. While people were writing their pieces at the party, hostess Adrianna wanted someone to kill Critical Mass. An idea sprung up which I jotted down. I read that one and then had to repeat it with a beat box dropping beats. So I rapped it the second time, trying hard not to laugh during the performance.

A pile of bikes roll down the street
Having the best time ever
The riders in front fail to see the bait
Some car drivers lead them to the bridge – too drunk the bikes spill over

And here is one where a huge Giant takes revenge upon a group of Texan Kings:

all hail the baseball kings
presiding from texas way
proceeding with banners and pennants asway
expecting to forever reign

invading the City with their weapons drawn
hoping to conquer their frey
their bats seeking to find easy prey
their balls hoping to go long

but the monarchs from the Lone Star state
met a terrible and mighty foe
and quickly their fate was neatly sewn
and their eyes came wide awake

for a ferocious bearded thonged beast
with long hair and snapping glove
soon grabbed those Texans from above
and had a mighty feast

five courses this Giant did gladly eat
with only one spell of woe
four entrees, three where the enemy did go
to make the meal complete

then sitting on a pile of bones
and bats and balls and gloves
the Giant for the City did finger shove
into the crowns that shone

and with a mighty roar he yelled
“Fool kings your kingdom’s is done!”
And took the crowns one by one
and tossed them so they sailed

The Giants shall rule from their foggy realms!
Their people will all agree
the Texans made a great entree
and with a burp, we are the helm