[u] Paz at CELL

Over the past week, Paz de la Calzada brought her charcoal to CELL and drew on the curved green wall in the Main Space. She has been drawing strands and I got to know her down on Market Street at her charcoal piece on The Strand Theater (which was recently purchased by ACT and will become a 300 seat house for shows that are too small for their Geary theater).

Paz was not working these past few weeks, so she gave her talents and vision to CELL for free. This is really the only way I can get art on the walls at Bryant Street. I do it for the love and others seem to be into sharing it for their love as well. Paz did the interior piece in a day. Today, before SpaceCraft, she showed up with a charcoal drawing on paper. I hauled out the tall ladder and she climbed up and pasted it on the wall near 2060 Bryant (ACT’s prop shop). It is small and delicate: tiny strands coming out of the brickwork. It will only be noticed by people who look for art surprises in urban space. Might be you!

UPDATE: Paz came back after a bit of rain and wheat pasted a 3 foot long charcoal strand onto the Bryant St. facade of CELL. Here’s a pic she snapped up, added to the other photos below. (4/15/2012)