COVID19 Diaries – Many Small Ponderings

A Tweet Blog for Future Reference

Happy 150th Golden Gate Park! Skystar wheel looking forlorn, but folks all over the place on this sunny day. Biking through felt much safer.

Blown away by a 100-year-old bee hive in a 200(+)-year-old house’s wall. Swarm leaves when queen dies but they usually come back.

Saddened at the thought of a young boy, ignored and locked in his room.

Will 8pm be the next world-wide scream moment? Will it replace New Years Eve?

I have recently asked myself, “What would Octavia Butler do?”

Always enjoy the Reddit photos of stuff people are digging out of storage.

Those health care workers facing the MAGA idiots’ car protest: our Tiananmen Square photo moment.

Right-wingers willing to die for the free market. Willing to kill others for capitalism. No surprise there!

I’m still not comfortable wearing a mask in public. I keep wanting to run from riot cops but only looking for the goat milk in the market’s cooler.

The four things always on my shopping list: dark chocolate, avocados, peanut butter, and wipes.

Woah. Michael Savage has a PhD in nutritional ethnomedicine (including epidemiology) and thinks MAGAcult science-deniers are wingnuts. 

Last night, I just didn’t want to participate in the zoom call. I’m here without you, so you can’t make me!

Low-carb mousse: whipping cream, chocolate powder, a little vanilla. Make sure you whip the chef while they whip the mix to hard peaks.

Seeing lots of past thinking posted online. I’ve been scanning my old paper ticket stubs and enjoying the ride.

You know I’m snacky when you see all the nut-butter stained spoons in my sink.

I spent some of my COVID-19 subsidy money supporting local book stores. I now have to track a package from USPS, FedEx, and UPS all at the same time. 

I usually only bike to get somewhere or do something. My pandemic rides have been towards the sun, here, there,  checking out crowds and grocery store lines.

I do not miss all the tech commuter buses, or the piles of Lyft/Uber cars. Looks like the birds don’t either.

Should I feel guilty throwing away a bag of clothes left behind on the street?

Golden Gate Park looked like a normal busy day this afternoon. The Skystar wheel wasn’t on, and no tourists were around. Don’t walk there if you’re anxious about distancing.

Eat that strawberry like it is the last thing you’ll ever taste!

Learned to play Lennon’s “Imagine” on the guitar. Loved having my Sweetie sing along with me.

A Howze man without a vacuum cleaner is like lemonade without the sugar. Sad day when the 1960s Electrolux’s on switch died. Here’s to a new vac this week!

I never thought I’d begin my day by wiping down high-touch surfaces. Now looking forward to the weekends when I don’t have to wipe down the work station.

Have had most meals at the table with my Sweetie. We thank the farmers/laborers, the animals, the plants, and the folks at the market or restaurant every time.

Buying meals from local places about every four days, including cocktails and portions large enough for several left-over meals.

I’m ordering more things online, but still haven’t given Amazon a dime. Bezos is rich enough!

New things I’m trying: working out via zoom, baking, sardines. Baking sardines while working out is not an option.

Inspired by the “Catching ‘Trane” doc, we listened to 5 hours of Coltrane several Saturdays ago. 12 vinyl sides and two albums off of Hoopla.

I’ve hopped on the Twitter train (@Russell_Laughed) but am only posting content for two people. The Other Russell is the only audience I care about.

You know you’re sheltering in place when you get excited about the exercise up and down the stairs to take all the garbage, recycling, and compost out.

My plastic footprint has gone up. So has the frozen foods in our freezer.

Now that I’m on Twitter, these simple cut/paste ponderings will keep me going for weeks.

Should I not wear my hoodie for today’s zoom meeting? Maybe I put on the heavy metal concert denim jacket instead?

A few weeks ago, I noticed that I had four screens in front of me. Felt like I was in a Dave Eggers novel.

NY Times reporting that COVID may have hit California in January. Our office had a spat of deep-chested cough sickness in early/mid February. I got it and coughed for two weeks, but my Sweetie had no symptoms. A true thing to ponder [insert chin-scratching emoji].