N1 Hot Takes fm a Phish Dick’s Noob

Newness! What’s this? Who’s that? Waaa??? Huh!

10th Anniversary for the band, and many phans. A first trip for yours truly.
  • Two miles to the venue? Sure, I’ll walk. Suburban North Denver; the sun; almost no food or grocery stores; more sun; there it is, just beyond this empty field! Whew… made it.
  • Vax check line: a bit long, moved very fast, barely barricaded and no security (easy to cut past the one person checking cards/IDs)… done in 6 minutes.
  • Shakedown? Keep hearing the word but no idea where it sprouted.
  • Gates open, line moving! That’s a fast line. OK, I’ll jump in.
  • Much faster than Shoreline…
  • “Take your ticket out of your laniard.” Hmm, OK. Whaaaaat?! She just marked my PTBM art with a sharpie! Damn. They all have sharpies at the gate. WTF? Doesn’t your scan cancel the ticket?
  • An English themed sports bar at the stadium. OK. Fish and chips? Nah. Chicken pie and chips?! Why yes, thank you.
  • Hmm, where did my bottle of water go? And my hand sanitizer? Oops!
  • Dick’s is a soccer field. The pitch is covered with plastic flooring. Guess they have a machine that rolls it out.
  • What?! Purchased water and no cap? Hate that. I’ll hide it under the disabled seating area.
  • Woah! There’s Tom Marshall, drinking a Coors. I ask the Bryce crew if any of them know him. None do. I just glance from a distance at the “mighty legend formed”.
  • That was a fun “Carini”.
  • “Chalk Dust” not my favorite, but I wandered up to the rail (the barrier at the stage) Page side, stood behind the folks getting the lyrics signed to them from two folks, and actually enjoyed it.
  • Ack! The cigarette smoke. Everywhere. Must avoid it. Wander. Think of a place. Oooh, here’s an open area where I can take off the mask. Annnd, about 6 smokers all around. Ahhhh, here’s a seat Page side with no one around. Fresh air at last!
  • Where did the Bryce crew go? Cannot find any of them. Phone not working well. Hover outside Gate E away from a second line band (and too closely packed people). No word from my ride back. I start walking….
  • Hello, hotel room. That cool walk back much nicer than the sunny one…
  • Chill with boring TV….. read a little…. zzzzzzzzz…..