My Dear One: 04.06.2008

My dear one,

I carry you to water

anoint your feet with present raining.

My dear one,

I point the sunlight

upon your radiant face –

pour the moonlight over your sleeping frame.

My dear one,

through sandstorms we wander lost

found in the embrace of the shifting path.

My dear one,

our eyes meet yet again

my sweet song showers words down on you –

moans and forms of giving in the Spring time –

seeking blossoms blowing on wind-strewn boughs.

My dear one,

you hold your hand to me, grasping the fingers

that caress the cheek through endless doorways.

(Hold that place in the mind’s heart

where wind shifts through drying clothes.)

My dear one,

a simple bow and a dfferent place

where wells never run dry

and no one goes wanting.

My dear one.

with your smile

another day of paradise

finds time to dance!

Bhopal: Staged Reading

I have been on the fringes of this production, but will most likely be helping out on the tech side this Friday.
A Play by Rahul Varma • Directed by Vidhu Singh

Friday, March 26, 2010, 8 pm
At CounterPULSE, 1310 Mission Street @9th, San Francisco, CA 94103 • 415-626-2060
Tickets: or 1.800.838.3006

RIDE TOO! Flyer Design

PSPrint has a 50% off deal, so I am going to print a pile of these to pass around….

…feel free to post this jpg up where ever you wanna….

RIDE TOO flyer

RIDE TOO! CELLspace Benefit

If you didn’t notice the link to the page “RIDE TOO!” up on the top masthead of this site, then here’s the info in the RSS feed. All the bands just confirmed and locked down for what looks like a great night of bikes, bands, and beer! Well, there’s a bit more than that, but that’s how I keep pitching it to folks.

Two January’s ago, CELLspace needed a huge help from the community. I’d been away from CELL for a few years, doing my thang, and bikes and bands were a part of that. So I concocted RIDE! and got a nice list of bands to hop on board for the night. Turns out my captive audience, Critical Mass, was totally rained out that night. But my planted promoters got most of the ride to come to CELL, soaking wet. Then Mike Hoffman and David Sartore’s band “Bring Your Own Laser” brought a smoke machine that set the fire alarm off! Quiet a crazy night for a low-attended event. But the thing is, which still amazes me, is that the event still made $$ for CELLspace. Not a bunch, but between the beer and the lemon squares, we pulled in $150 for CELL! Amazing, so I still call it a success of mythic proportions.

If you were there, you remember and smile with nostalgia…..

So I invite you all to RIDE TOO! More of the same, but a whole lot better! (flyer jpg coming soon!)

HappyFt presents
a benefit for CELLspace and the Florida St. Mural Project

Friday, Sept. 25, 2009
8pm to 2am

2050 Bryant St. (b/t 19th and 20th Sts.), SF, CA

$10 to $20 sliding scale
21+ (beer and wine for sale)
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Mission Muralismo in SF Chronicle

Street art and artists in the Mission

go here for complete article

Clarion is an alley connecting Valencia to Mission, between a cop shop and a crack market, with murals of devils and angels and a moving stairway to heaven.


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Close by is the Women’s Building, a colorful paean to female heroes and goddesses, from Guatemalan peace activist Rigoberto Menchu to scientist Marie Curie.

A couple of blocks up is an intricate mural on the facade of a writer’s school and colony, depicting the human race’s attempts at communication.

In between and all around San Francisco’s Mission District are posters and poetry and political calls to action. There are tribal graffiti and Gothic lettering, traditional murals and lattices of tags. Now, a new book, “Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo,” has captured and honored the varied artists and activists of the street.

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Cali Wilderness