A 3D Shadow Photo and Video [u]

Photographer Steve Newman spent a good part of the evening last night wearing 3D glasses and enjoying the live action in his camera screen. “The 3D effect still works,” he told me, echoing a few other people who were photographing the fun. If you have anaglyph glasses (that’s blue and red old skool 3D glasses), check out this photo Steve took and tell me what you think.


Tonight! Shadows in Stereo at SpaceCraft

Shadows In Stereo, is an installation that provides a rare opportunity to create and experience stereoscopic 3D with one’s own shadow.

Guests are invited to wear anaglyph glasses as they traverse the gallery having their shadows projected 40’ high.  Unlike a typical shadow, when viewed in 3D shadows do not cling to surfaces they move out into cubic space.  A sense of somatic dislocation occurs that is surprising and delightful.

The viewing experience is created by hand made stereoscopic lights and glasses constructed by artist Christine Marie.  The installation is a low- fi spectacle, more congruent with the light magic of Athanasius Kircher than the CG-Real-D digital work of James Cameron.

The experience is just as sensational appealing both to feeling of awe and an archetypal sense of wonder.

Installation created by Christine Marie.  www.cimimarie.com

Soundscape by Aden Liggett.

Maintained by Russell Howze

8 May : Florida St. Community Celebration

A Florida St. Community Celebration

Spend a day creating community through art, bicycles, and gardening!

Sat., May 8
noon to 6pm

Esperanza Gardens
685 Florida St. @ 19th
San Francisco, CA

(if there is rain, the music and mural painting will be in the CELLspace Gallery noon to 3pm)

Activities for the Day:

– Help paint the Bike Kitchen mural with artist Henry Kitchen
– Work with the Esperanza Gardens volunteers
– Listen to live music from community performers
– Ask questions about CELLspace’s Florida St. Mural Project
– Work on your bike at the Bike Kitchen ($5)
– Grill out and eat some food (some food provided while supplies last)

Florida St. has gone through many changes recently, with a square block of new neighbors, a new Bike Kitchen, a revived garden, and an in-progress mural project. On Saturday, May 8, all of these neighbors, artists, and volunteers will get a chance to meet one another, learn about the projects, and participate in some community activities. No experience is necessary, and all are invited to drop in on the fun! Paints will be available to help paint the Bike Kitchen mural, and you might want to wear work clothes if you wish to help in the garden.

Florida Street ha pasado por muchos cambios recientemente, con un bloque cuadrado de los nuevos vecinos, un nuevo Bike Kitchen, un jardín renovado, y con una proyecto mural. El Sábado, 08 de mayo 2010, todos estos vecinos, artistas y voluntarios tendrá la oportunidad de conocerse entre ellos, aprender acerca de los proyectos, y participar en algunas actividades de la comunidad. No se necesita experiencia y todos están invitados a divertirse! Las pinturas estarán disponibles para ayudar a pintar The Bike Kitchen Mural. Por favor, use ropa de trabajo si quieres ayudar en el jardín.

Hope to see you there!


Defiant Proclamations in SFWeekly

Original post can be found here.

“Defiant Proclamations”

Thu., March 11, 7:00pm
Price: free

Not Everything Is on the Internet

By Hiya Swanhuyser

Kevin Keating was once known far and wide as the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project; he was accused of keying SUVs in the late 1990s to protest gentrification. Most people thought he was making a complicated point in a humorously dramatic manner, but, of course, opinions varied. In a 1999 San Francisco Chronicle article detailing his arrest and the police ransacking of his home, he was portrayed as a poo-smearing criminal, but even Commander Greg Suhr of the Mission Police Station freely admitted that Keating was “well-read and cerebral.” Don’t you want to see this guy’s art collection? At “Defiant Proclamations,” Keating and other interesting, energetic activists such as muralist Mona Caron and painter Hugh D’Andrade display their political posters. “Radical Posters from the 1960s to the Present” is the show’s subtitle, and other contributors include Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes of Dignidad Rebelde, who have deep roots in the Bay Area’s graphic-arts poster tradition. And word on the cyberstreet is that Vince Dugar has a poster made by 1960s food-freedom group the Diggers.

Some Items from Defiant Proclamations Show

Vince Dugar has sent me a few photos of posters and handbills that he and I will hang on the walls March 11. I went by his house last week and got to look through his assorted collections. Many great items, and many other causes and opinions missing (no People’s Park, Free Speech, or Anti-Nuke, etc. items). But he has some amazing gems, including an original SF Diggers’ “1% FREE” poster as well as a bluntly defiant handbill calling for black men to avoid the Vietnam draft. The show will be featured in the SF Weekly Events Cal in a few weeks, and things are moving along well with compiling the work from all the other artists. Enjoy the pics!

Dia del Toro Mural at CELLspace

I am proud to announce a new mural on the Bryant St. facade of CELLspace. Dia del Toro graces the entrance to the ACT prop shop at 2060 Bryant St. and was painted by Dia and Toro.

For years, fading graffiti filled this panel as a a ficus tree grew huge and blocked the street view of this part of the facade. While I facilitated the half panel piece that Dia did for CELLspace earlier this year, I shot the idea to him about taking that panel too. He initially had the idea of painting a sailing ship getting pulled down into a stormy sea, but he used that concept for a gallery piece. Once Dia found time to work with CELL’s miniscule budget and paint the panel for free, he had met Toro and decided to paint a defeated bull as it took its last breaths.

In the first phase of making the panel, Dia and Toro worked on the overall layout. Toro then painted “DIA TORO” in graff letters for placement. Dia then sprayed a white outline of the bull and then painted the details with brushes and black paint. He sprayed a few other details. Finally, Toro came back and did the final graff lettering and details. Blood on the sword punctures and in the mouth of the bull were the final details added to the animal image.

Dia del Toro was the final panel on the Bryant St. facade, following Stencilada and the halved panel by 2048 Bryant. Now that this is done, energy will be focused on the Florida St. Mural project. Currently with no funds to budget the artwork, things move slowly back there. I’m currently working on the RIDE TOO! benefit for next Friday, of which some profits will go towards the Florida St. murals. The Bike Kitchen is still moving forward with their panel back there and will be at the benefit.

Enjoy the photos of the Dia del Toro mural that I took over the course of its completion.

RIDE TOO! CELLspace Benefit

If you didn’t notice the link to the page “RIDE TOO!” up on the top masthead of this site, then here’s the info in the RSS feed. All the bands just confirmed and locked down for what looks like a great night of bikes, bands, and beer! Well, there’s a bit more than that, but that’s how I keep pitching it to folks.

Two January’s ago, CELLspace needed a huge help from the community. I’d been away from CELL for a few years, doing my thang, and bikes and bands were a part of that. So I concocted RIDE! and got a nice list of bands to hop on board for the night. Turns out my captive audience, Critical Mass, was totally rained out that night. But my planted promoters got most of the ride to come to CELL, soaking wet. Then Mike Hoffman and David Sartore’s band “Bring Your Own Laser” brought a smoke machine that set the fire alarm off! Quiet a crazy night for a low-attended event. But the thing is, which still amazes me, is that the event still made $$ for CELLspace. Not a bunch, but between the beer and the lemon squares, we pulled in $150 for CELL! Amazing, so I still call it a success of mythic proportions.

If you were there, you remember and smile with nostalgia…..

So I invite you all to RIDE TOO! More of the same, but a whole lot better! (flyer jpg coming soon!)

HappyFt presents
a benefit for CELLspace and the Florida St. Mural Project

Friday, Sept. 25, 2009
8pm to 2am

2050 Bryant St. (b/t 19th and 20th Sts.), SF, CA

$10 to $20 sliding scale
21+ (beer and wine for sale)
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Mission Muralismo in SF Chronicle

Street art and artists in the Mission

go here for complete article

Clarion is an alley connecting Valencia to Mission, between a cop shop and a crack market, with murals of devils and angels and a moving stairway to heaven.


View Larger Images

Close by is the Women’s Building, a colorful paean to female heroes and goddesses, from Guatemalan peace activist Rigoberto Menchu to scientist Marie Curie.

A couple of blocks up is an intricate mural on the facade of a writer’s school and colony, depicting the human race’s attempts at communication.

In between and all around San Francisco’s Mission District are posters and poetry and political calls to action. There are tribal graffiti and Gothic lettering, traditional murals and lattices of tags. Now, a new book, “Street Art San Francisco: Mission Muralismo,” has captured and honored the varied artists and activists of the street.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2009/08/21/DD1M195294.DTL&type=art#ixzz0OqmbW4QE

woah… empty blog…

Hey there. Did anybody miss me? Has the webos-cloud of attention moved away from the humble digs of HappyFeet Travels? I can only guess that you all have been sucked into the micro-webos clouds of Twitter and FaceBook. Huh? Have you? So easy to blog in 100-ish characters or less, isn’t it? Simple to throw some links to vids, articles, and pics over on those sites, yes? Beyond bands, has anyone wandered to the MySpace-webos cloud lately? They’ve made it less blinky last I checked, which was a while ago!

I’ve been laying low for several reasons. Getting off of a year of touring and promoting and producing has been part of the reason. Resting, regrouping, and reconnecting has been another. Not feeling like I have much to say that isn’t too personal (I don’t post too personal here) is yet another reason for the blank cal on this site. And just plain coming to grips with life in the microcosm of the reality-cloud we call a crappy economy has been another.

Things here at HappyFt HQ are feeling caught up. The Fall is looking great for potential creative endeavors. Some of them might actually help me pay the rent! On the book front, Stencil Nation is currently “out of stock” while Manic D tries to figure out the future in what is now a glutted street art book category (we were there before the wave crested…. I beat the crowd once again!). I still have some banged up return copies that I’m trying to sell on my site. A few have gone out.

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During Hard Times: Adam5100 Adds Stencilada PS

While getting in touch recently, I asked Adam5100 if he’d like to paint his amazing, 6-foot-long hand stencil at CELLspace. His reply: “as long as the hands are coming out from under the building.” No problem. So we made plans to do it this morning around 10am. That ended up being about 11:30am but timing didn’t matter. Adam showed up with his stencils in a roll, I opened up CELL to use the gallery as a staging area, and we went to work sweeping the sidewalk and then putting up the stencils. While Adam rolled the black layer, I had to pick up the leaves and trash that kept blowing into the paint. We were talking about how hard it is to be an artist right now, especially on the “nickel and dime” level as Adam put it. But, during these hard times, those of us used to starving are knocking out amazing works and deeds. Adam was well into the second hand (make the right hand by simply flipping the stencil over) when CUBA stopped by to talk about painting murals on the Florida St. side of CELL.

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