Stencil Nation Dec. Tour Update

Just got off the Northeast leg of the Winter tour. What an amazing time! Good to see old friends, make new ones, and share the book with all the folks who stopped by for the presentation. Look for photos and an report back on the last few events soon. For now, here is the updated info for the Winter Tour, down here in the Southeast USA:

December in the Southeast

  • 2    Chester Co. Arts Council, Chester, SC at 5 pm
  • 4    The Open Book, Greenville, SC at 5 pm
  • 5    Firestorm Books, Asheville, NC at 7 pm
  • 6    Hub City Bookfest, Spartanburg, SC (signing only) at 11-2 pm
  • 6    Hub Bub, Spartanburg, SC (slide presentation, maybe workshop) at 7:30 pm
  • 10  Patchwerk Playhaus, Charlotte, NC at 7 pm
  • 12   A Cappella Books, Atlanta, GA at 7 pm
  • 13   Rock Point Books, Chattanooga, TN at 4 pm
  • 14   World Grotto, Knoxville, TN at 5 pm
  • 18   Barnes & Noble, Mt. Pleasant, SC (signing only) at 7 pm
  • 20   52.5 Records, Charleston, SC at 4-6 pm