Cutting, Mailing, Planning

Ah, a break from the laptop tonight. I’ve been wanting to cut a new stencil for a while now and finally dropped the to-do list and cut out a new one. Felt good to hop into the negative space, work out the bridges, and feel the sore fingertip after three hours of cutting. Much more different than the past few days.

Spent most of Thursday working on the slide presentation. It went much slower than I thought. I think it was about as slow as writing the book. I put a good 6 or 7 hours into the slide pres and then had to take a break to do other things. Like watch the season finale of LOST (sorry, I’m about as hooked as I get with that weird TV show) and go to a CELL Events meeting. Good to get out and think about other things.

I hoped to work on the slide pres. Friday but that didn’t work out. I spent most of the day packing a few book orders, answering emails, putting out fires, planning for this weekend, and soaking in the fact that I’m going to be on the road for most of the year. It’ll be mostly for the Roadshow, but I’ll be on tour in June, come back, go to CO for SLR, come back, (hopefully) go to Australia, come back, and then be on the road with SLR for a solid three months. Then I’ll come back, and hopefully tour for the book in December. So I have had to take time recently and consider my options for the rest of the year. That’s a bunch of planning, especially since I’m barely thinking about next month!

I got to give the slide presentation to my roomies on Saturday. They liked it and gave great comments about how to make it better, which means more work on it. I even sold a few books to some guests who were here. So I still have more work to do on the slide pres. before heading up to OR for the first reading. I assume I’ll be working on it while on tour too.

Off to the post office again tomorrow. Have two cases to mail to the family back east. They’re my #1 distributor right now. I’m honored that they want to gift my book, and even try to sell a few. I haven’t figured out a quick way to get the books to the post office yet. Have put a few calls in to friends with cars. I might walk them with a cart, or call a cab for the short schlep to the post office.

Was working out my to-do list and had to go large with the paper. I have about four to-do lists now, for different events and tours. Five including the other things I’m doing that aren’t part of Stencil Nation. It feels manageable. Getting things to places is the sticky part b/c I don’t have easy access to a car. But it’ll work out. Not going to have an amazing art installation at Rev Cafe either. It’ll be down and dirty DIY art hanging. That’s my style!

OK, I really need to sleep now. Big day running around on errands tomorrow. To the post office!