A Photo Book After All

So glad that my morning opened up tomorrow, because I spent all day today working on photos. Know that I pared about 60 more of my own because I just checked my trash before I emptied it. I probably edited out about 20 of the submissions, and think that I’m 95% done with that process. Hoped to write today but got busy on the photos after I sent out a batch of e-mails with URGENT in the subject line. Klutch dropped his info, Logan Hicks finally sent his along, and Andie Grace from Burning Man LLC OK’d all the photos (the fact that I just shoot the stencil, and not the art it is on, helped them approve all the pics). And Justine OK’d the Excel format that I gave her for file information. So I hit the photo folders again and again, looking at the flow, finding similar photos, and trying to create some type of narrative with the images. I then dug into the Stencil Archives to try to find a few that where better examples. I lost a hard drive about six years ago and am still paying for not backing up my files. While going through the folders, a new batch of uncredited photos cropped up, so I had to e-mail those artists to ask them how to credit the files. Carrie got back in touch and said that she’d dig into her archives tonight to try to find her Scott Williams mural shots I need. Gee Vaucher, the Sandinista connection may submit, but I’m not waiting around. Now the task of file naming and logging begins, along with the final push of writing the text. Still wondering how it will all fit and hope that Justine has the magic to make that happen. Taking a break from the photos tomorrow to write. They had a mind of their own today, so maybe they’ll be quiet tomorrow. Good luck to Andie and Logan on their paths to parenthood (They both told me that they’re expecting babies today. They aren’t a couple; just a coincidence that they both told me within an hour of each other). Neck and right arm aching from either looking down at the laptop or reaching up to click on the mouse. Ah, the sufferings of a writer obsessed. On a final note, was talking about moderation with Laura yesterday and realized that I tend to moderate the items that come into my life… except stencils and writing! Ahhhhh…. pass the Tiger Balm.