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Updated 07/09/04
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The buzz is out among activist circles: the DNC and RNC are fast approaching and people are making plans to visit Boston and/or NYC respectively. NYC just gave permits to some of the protests and marches, but others will be seen as illegal in the eyes of the law. The major corporate spin has begun as well. Media is gearing up for a spectacle inside the arenas, but will have a hard time ignoring history in the streets. The governments are also starting to drop scare tactics in mainstream press, creating the scenario of suicide bombers blowing up protesters. It's going to be glitz and glam, happy days and confetti inside; while the voices of thousands will go unheard of due to the blocks-long security zones. But the world will be watching, the web will be the tool. Text, images, etc. will go up on blogs and indymedia sites. One thing to think about right after July 4: you CANNOT suppress the freedoms that come naturally to humans. If Stalin and Hitler couldn't suppress them, then the corporate and political hacks in Boston and NYC can't either. I'll see you all in late August, expressing myself.

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I'm a little late on getting the word out about the Patriot Act vs. the Critical Art Ensemble. Better late than never. This is a scary precedent for the US Gov't to make against artist groups that are critical to corporate and/or government policies. I've heard of FBI visits to artists and their families, but this is the first move in a tricky chess game for spreading fear amongst those who critique the Homeland. At least the charges have been changed from bioterror to mail fraud. Why the hell is the independent press not following this story? Major news indeed, lost in the cracks.
UPDATE: AP ran this story yesterday.

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