CELLspace SoundLab Presents: 246(i) World Remix V.3

A new concert and performance series emphasizing cross-cultural
collaborations and active social context. Step beyond the new world borders!

“Peace is the most precious commodity of all.”

Yair Dalal

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SoundLab at CELLspace Presents
>>246(i) World Remix Performance Series<<

featuring, from Israel, Yair Dalal's "Shacharut"

with theatrical performances:
Judy Cohen performing her one-woman excerpt, "Seeds "
also, an excerpt from Yuri Lane's "Soundtrack City"

DJ Sep (Dub Mission/Pakruti)
resident DJs Pod(s) and HappyFt. and special guests
Thursday, September 6, 2001

2050 Bryant St. @ 18th St.
San Francisco, CA
wheelchair accessible

Prices, Contact Info, etc.
Tickets: $15 - $50 sliding scale
(special reserved tables available)
to get on reservation list, or for info, reach us via
or call 415.430.1269 ext.2126
work trade available

Middle Eastern appetizers will be sold at the Remix Café (proceeds will be donated to A Jewish Voice for Peace and Rabbis for Human Rights)

246(i) World Remix: third event in a continuing series

A new concert and performance series emphasizing cross-cultural collaborations and active social context. Step beyond the new world borders!

"For Yair cultural fusion based on esteem and mutual respect is essential for communication between peoples. Art and culture, as a means of communication, can serve as powerful bridge builder [and can] abolish ideological barriers between people.

"Like the mountain, 'Shacharut' is free in spirit, delicate, poetic and rhythmic, combining varied and distant periods and cultures, both Jewish and Arab." *
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World Remixing

This is a critical moment in history for re-instituting the language(s) of art and music as a primary mode of human interaction from neighborhood to global relations. We are building alliances and setting the stage for new forms of collaborative community to replenish sustainable and autonomous livelihoods. If you would like to participate in upcoming events or get involved in developing the SoundLab, we would love to hear from you ! Contact us at sound@cellspace.org
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About the artists

Yair Dalal, as a soloist and with his ensemble, is a leading figure in the Israeli music scene and within contemporary world music. Born in Israel, 1955 to parents who emigrated from Iraq, Yair Dalal was in his childhood surrounded by the sounds of traditional oriental Jewish and Arabic music and has also classical European violin training. Hence, his musical skills vary from classical European music to jazz, rock, blues and Arabic folk and classical music. His background as one of the latest representatives of Arab Jewish music from Iraq, has allowed him to develop this rare mix of traditional and modern, Jewish and Arabic, Oriental and Western. His great talent is exemplified in his rare mixture combining these often-conflicting trends. In the music of Dalal and AL OL these often-dissonant musical styles resonate peacefully and celebrate the ethnic traditions in which they are rooted.

Yair Dalal as a scholar, teaching in academic institutions, and performer is committed to the continuation of the Judeo-Arabic tradition which developed throughout thousands of years in Moslem countries (the Iraqi maqam and the Andalousian Nubah). This tradition was unfortunately stopped by force due to the political situation. His musical and social activities have led to several projects such as "Shalom-Salaam" 1994 and at the Nobel Peace prize gala concert, both in Norway,The Azazme project, The Mediterranean Musical conference, the establishing of the Middle East Session and several collaborations between musicians; in particular between Jews and Arabs. Yair Dalal is also a strong advocate for peace in Israel and devotes his talent to abolishing the ideological barriers between people and in particular between Jews and Arabs.


Judy Cohen is an Interdisciplinary artist that grew up in Israel. After attending The High School for the Performing Arts in Jerusalem, she studied Painting at the University of Wisconsin and Performance art at Nottingham Trent University in England. She has produced site specific shows ("The Bus Project" 1998) and performed many interdisciplinary pieces combining live music with painting, dancing and theater. She currently works at RCH Inc. (1998-Present) where she codirects a theater company for people with disabilities.

"Seeds," directed by Deborah Ben-Eliezer (member of CELLspace SoundLab), is a piece about growing up in Israel bi-culturally, both as an American and Israeli. It focuses on memories of high school, and the growing pains of straddling the line between being a tough Israeli and an optimistic American.
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About A Jewish Voice for Peace and Rabbis for Human Rights

A Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a San Francisco Bay Area grassroots organization dedicated to the human,civil and economic rights of Jews, Palestinians and all the peoples in the Middle East. We believe that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will be resolved only when Israel removes its Jewish settlements and other occupation installations in the Palestinian territories, grants freedom and the right to self-representation for Palestinian Arabs,and addresses the legitimate claims of Palestinian refugees.
Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR) brings human rights violations to the attention of the Israeli public and pressures the appropriate authorities for redress. As a last resort, we even practice nonviolent civil disobedience. RHR educates about Judaism and Human rights and advocates for the human rights of Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, and foreign workers. RHR fights for economic justice for all Israelis, protects Muslim and Christian holy sites, and defends Bedouin rights. RHR includes Reform, Orthodox, Conservative, Renewal and Reconstructionist rabbis and rabbinical students.
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About (246I) World Remix producers The Soundlab at CELLspace

Since it's inception last year, the Soundlab has committed all its energies into making people more aware of sound within their environment and how it can be used to communicate, transform, and educate. We envision instituting the language(s) of art and music as a primary mode of human interaction, and aim to do this through education, creation, production, and archiving. Producing 246(I) World Remix is also a means to raise funds to further our projects, goals, and dreams.
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About CELLspace

CELLspace, a 10,000 square foot nonprofit community arts center, provides a safe and supportive public environment for the exploration of art, education, performance and community building. Through cooperative relationships and multidisciplinary programs, we encourage the celebration of intergenerational and cross-cultural collaborations.
We value: Playfulness, Sustainability, Art, Collectivism, Community, Respect, Education & Diversity
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About Yair Dalal's Najema Productions

Najema Music & TV is a production company, and cultural organization dedicated to furthering cooperation among artists all over the world. Our concern for the fragile peace process in the Middle East has involved in several peace projects within several art forms; music, films, photography and dance. Our main occupation is organizing musical concerts, projects, lectures and workshops through the vision of Yair Dalal who uses art and creativity as a mean of finding common ground between people of different cultural, religious and political backgrounds. Najema also organizes concerts for congresses and official events.
For peace to grow and prosper, people must get to know and learn to trust one another. We believe that art and culture, as means of communication, can serve as powerful bridge builder between people.
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footnotes and affinities:
"New World Border" is high-wired activist art by Guillermo Gómez-Peña which renders a sudden global intuition and a painful awareness of the anti-cultural forces around us. Poetic documents sending shockwaves like a Brechtian jackhammer to ensure creative reactions from every reader. Published by City Lights.
All quoted text is taken from Yair Dalal's personal web sites and promotional materials

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