CELLspace SoundLab Presents: 246(i) World Remix V.2

A concert series celebrating music traditions from around the world and
all the cross-cultural collaborations flourishing in the global community.
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246(i) WORLD REMIX series
featuring LUMIN, HADRA, and D'YARA
and KAWARA MONO (butoh performance)
July 27th, 2001
at CELLSPACE in San Francisco
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A new concert and performance series emphasizing cross-cultural collaborations and active social context.
Step beyond the " new world borders " ! *
July 27, 2001
A CD release party with LUMIN, HADRA ( members of Edessa )
and D'YARA ( members of Kitka )
KAWARA MONO / Butoh performance ensemble
with Delphine Kini Mei, Isaac Immanuel, and special guest Ledoh.
resident djs Pod(s) and HappyFt

When: Friday 7.27.01 8:30pm
2050 Bryant St. @ 18th St.
San Francisco, Ca.
wheelchair accessible
Tickets: $10 - $15 - $ 50 sliding scale
for reservations :
or call 415.430.1269 ext. 2126
work trade available
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Lumin formed in 1998 by Stellamara co-founder and producer Jeffery Stott, and composer Michael Emenau, expands and defines the elements of world electronic music. Featuring the gorgeous vocals of Irina Mikhailova, Lumin brilliantly fuses the ancient and the modern. A stunning live combination of Sufi Trance, drum and bass, Balkan Choir, and down tempo grooves that will satisfy the urban club set as well as the world music aficionado.

Jeffery Stott has been deftly merging the worlds of modern ambient music production and Middle Eastern traditional musics for over a decade. He has studied rural and classical forms with a vast array of master musicians from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Iran and Turkey who reside in the vibrant Bay Area world music community. His insatiable curiosity has led him to become accomplished on several traditional middle eastern instruments including oud, baglama, yali tambur, and santoor, as well as the full range of percussion instruments of the middle east. In the digital realm, he has composed for several films, large scale productions. As a founder of the successful group Stellamara, he sought to create a new form of ambient devotional music employing the sacred and sublime aspects of ancient forms from the Middle East and medieval Europe and state of the art technology. His latest effort with Lumin seeks to continue in this rich vein of beauty and depth.

Michael Emenau has worked professionally as a classical and jazz musician throughout the last decade in Canada, Asia, and the US. He spent five years living in Japan where he honed his skills as a studio musician, playing and recording extensively in the acid-jazz field, as well as other "dance" and electronic oriented music. His time in Asia (including extended time in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Korea) has greatly influenced his conceptualization of what music is; Upon arriving in the Bay Area, he became immersed in what he feels are the two strongest characters the area has to offer; a diverse multi-ethnic and a vibrant high-tech industry. These diverging factors has led to a unique way of producing music, heavily reliant on technology, but subtle, colorful, and above all else, beautiful.

Irina Mikhailova, born in Kazakhstan, a Central Asian republic in the former Soviet Union. Studying in Central Asia she absorbed many musical traditions including Balkan, Middle Eastern, Russian and Asian. She has brought her beautiful vocal presence to an eclectic range of music including classical and traditional songs as well as electronica and crossover genres. She brought her talents to the San Francisco bay area, where she joined the renowned Balkan women's choir Kitka. She has gone on to perform with Linda Tillery, members of Oregon, George Brooks and Sovoso. She has toured internationally and been featured at several prestigious festivals and international events around the world. Her latest solo release Russian Twilight is available on Well Tempered World records.
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World Remixing :
This is a critical moment in history for re-instituting the language(s) of art and music as a primary mode of human interaction from neighborhood to global relations. We are building alliances and setting the stage for new forms of collaborative community .
We would love to hear from you !
contact us at : sound@cellspace.org
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* "New World Border" is a work of activist art by Guillermo Gómez-Peña which renders a sudden global intuition and a painful awareness of the anti -cultural forces around us. A work sending shockwaves like a Brechtian jackhammer to insure the art of reaction in every reader. Published by City Lights.
'You're playing this tremolo with the wrong colour ! You haven't got the necessary intensity ! Have you forgotten what this music is about and when it was born ?! ...I need the sound of the trampling of steel-shod boots ! '
Dimitri Shostakovitch during a rehearsal of his Fifth Symphony.
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