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::Culture jamming the Panopticon::
If you were to take Jeremy Bentham’s strategies for social discipline and penal reforms and turned them one by one onto their repressed, captive and oxygen-deprived Victorian heads which have since implemented them, you might actuall escape this prism of industrial revolution cum corporate fantasyland and come

Break down barriers, tear down genres, and open up to infinite possibilities. Thumping beats have their place in the world, but watching people listen with question mark balloons above their noggins is what makes me happy, and gets my feet moving. I hope to surprise, inspire, and connect with the inner kid space in us all. -END

to an upright "all-seeing place" from which every individual celebrates his or her access to self-empowerment and self-enlightenment and relationship to the whole of humanity… Sensations of arriving at a mountaintop not gained by climbing over or suppressing others, rather clearing a way for brothers and sisters to follow along the paths of connectivity, it is here that you could in fact originate and participate in something of a true multi-cultural, spirit-rich and poetic medium. Pan Optic Radio is a modest initiative with this upside down world in

While the first years of often melancholic transmission reveal modern society much as Foucault described , trapped in the automatic functioning of power as it atomises and isolates its subjects…increasingly, the revelations and juxtapositions bring our desires closer to remaking the world less and less like the superimposed and hyper-surveillant imagery of "gods" ( think: media-conglomerate moguls bellying up to the last bar-as-advertised, popstar lobotomy experiments swiveling their cash-registering hips, church and state puppeteers dangling their most obscene devices,etc.) and more like the liberating MUSIC and uncontrollable LAUGHTER of the people discovering and/or devouring their own deities.
And not to be panoptically one-eyed-assymetrical and critical theorist heavy stay tuned for more references to Pan and Radio. Coming soon to  goat-linked and cross-fading frequencies near you!
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DJ Organik and Free Radio Legumes


DJ Organik (Phyllis Pea) hails from a shed in a backyard garden in San Francisco's Mission District. When she isn't sunning or soaking in organic soil, DJ O spins news, tunes, and propaganda via her pirate radio station Free Radio Legumes. She frequently hosts shows for local artists and activists, most recently at the Puppet Love! Festival and with the Puppet Players.

DJ Organik has a full functioning DJ booth, and can spin CD's, vinyl, DAT and maybe even minidisc. Usually, due to stress related issues,DJ O can't do long sets. That's why she's usually a good host or interviewer.

Contact DJ O if you'd like to have Free Radio Legumes on the air at your next function.


Entartete Kunst and SoundLab presents
(CELLspace, SF, 03.02.02)


A Night of No-field electronica, word, and experimental orchestra


Eddie the Rat
Raw Knowledge
DJ Slo-Mo
Pod (Pan optic radio)
Phantom Patient
bitter pie
drowning dog
AK Press

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Free Radio Legumes (01.12.01)

A free flow radio culture jam with a multitude of bay area sound artists and special guests collaging, streaming, and sporing music and propaganda for unboxed ears.
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